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Speed is another reason for a website to underdeliver when it comes to lead generation. Slow-loading pages can also impact your SEO, which can result in lower rankings, less traffic, and fewer leads. That’s why you want to assess not only your site’s SEO but also your website’s speed

A user calls your business, using your site’s dedicated phone number A user signs up for an email newsletter, ebook, or another piece of content A user completes your online contact form

When you’re not getting leads from your website, you can look at several areas of your website. One area companies often forget to look at, however, is their CTAs. While a CTA may seem minor, it can have a tremendous influence on user actions

An unsecured website can also experience a significant (and permanent) drop in site traffic. Get HTTPS for your website with the following steps: Acquire a dedicated IP address for your site, unless you have one already Purchase a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate Activate your SSL certificate with your web host Install the SSL certificate on your domain

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